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Don't fall victim to a scam!

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If someone calls you:

  • Don't give out your social security number
  • Don't give out your account information
  • Don't give out your card information
  • Don't take out a large sum of money because the caller told you to
  • When in doubt, call the true number for your bank

Important Online Security Information:

The First National Bank of Milaca wants to ensure the online protection of your personal and account information. Please note:

1) First National Bank of Milaca will not ask you to submit personal or account information via email.

2) For your protection, any email sent from First National Bank of Milaca including customer service emails or email alerts will require that you successfully login to our secure website at before entering any personal information.

3) If you ever receive an email appearing to be from First National Bank of Milaca that asks for personal information such as your account number or social security number, do not respond to the email. Please notify us immediately at 320-983-3101. In responding to E-Mail and Internet-Related Fraudulent Schemes, the number one ruleā€¦.don’t respond! Call or contact First National Bank of Milaca and let us know of the unusual email.